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2 Legit 2 Kick,
captain: Mary Hagensick,   office: 319-263-0159
 registered team members 
• Daniel Doyle • Franklin Gutierrez • Mary Hagensick
• Taylor Martin • Sarah McCaffrey • Melissa Murray
• John Prather • Jammey Schultz • Kyle Wright
• Mark Young    
EBC Team,
captain: Trish Olson,   office: 319-295-1163
 registered team members 
• Beth Baughman • Christi Dalecky • Jamie Hampton
• Scott Holmes • Vaughn Klopfenstein • Trisha Olson
• Rita Sackett • Lance Staker  
Intertrade Bombers,
captain: Aaron Kleckner,   office: 319-739-0233
 registered team members 
• shawn Bergquest • Gordon Cox • Zach Doermann
• Allysa Ellard • Adam Freeman • Aaron Kleckner
• Jenny Moeller • Zach Moore • WILLIAM NIGG
• Josh Putz • Nenad Simovic • Stacy Weber
Off in the Woods,
captain: James Crow,   office: 263-8274
 registered team members 
• Zach Bruce • Tammie Cheney • James Crow
• Mandy Dodd • Clara Garman • Andrew Jarrett
• Johnathan Malone • Robyn McNamara • prashant paranjape
• Drew Peterson    
Kickball Tournament Coordinator
Co-Ed Interdepartmental Tournament
by: Jeff posted: Monday, August 14, 2017
For more information contact
Jeff Havel at the Recreation Center
Call the Recreation Center at 295-2552

Register your Team On-line
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by: Jeff posted: Monday, August 14, 2017
We invite all Rockwell Collins Employees and contractors to form a Coed Kickball Team with their department. We will have a week-long tournament with single elimination and a consolation bracket the week of September 11-14.
The winner of this tournament will then receive the "Traveling Trophy" to hold until the following year.

This is a free event and great for team building.
Sign-up today through September 6.
Click to Register Your Team

Share the team password with your players and be sure to register for your own team...

by: Jeff Havel posted: Friday, September 16, 2016
I wanted to thank all the teams that participated in this years kickball tournament. Great to see some team building going on and hope everyone had fun.
The winning team this year was InterTrade Bombers. 2nd Place was Off In The Woods, and consolation went to 2 legit 2 kick.
Hope to see more teams next year. If you have any feedback about the tournaments, likes or dislikes, please email me.
We hope to see everyone next year plus a few more teams, thank you.

 edited: July 27, 2015 
- The Rules -
Official Kickball Rules (Coed)
1. All Games will be seven innings or fifty minutes.
2. Ten players on the field at a time of which seven must be Male and three Female.
3. Pitching, Catching, and Fielding:
 • Balls must be pitched by hand. There are no restrictions on pitching style - ’Bouncies’ are allowed.
 • All fielders must remain behind the 1st and 3rd base diagonal until the ball is kicked.
 • The pitcher must start act of pitching within the pitching area and have one foot touching the mound.
 • The pitcher may not leave the mound until the ball is kicked.
4. Kicking:
 • All kicks must be made by foot or leg - below the knee.
 • All kicks must occur at or behind home plate. The kicker may step on the plate to kick. Anything else will result in a Strike.
 • No Bunting allowed.
5. Running and Scoring:
 • Runners must stay within baseline - any runner outside of baselines is Out.
 • When attempting to avoid a ball tag, runners may move no further then four feet out of their established path.
 • Fielders must stay out of baseline - interference with a runner will result in a free base.
 • No leading off or stealing.
 • Leaving a base before the ball is kicked is an Out.
 • A runner can tag on a fly ball.
 • Hitting a runner above the shoulders (NECK,HEAD) is not allowed and the runner gets the base they where heading too.
 • If the runner is sliding or ducking then head shots count as outs. (Referee will make the call on these instances)
 • Any ball that is overthrown out of bounds results in the base-runner getting an extra base, and then the play is dead.
 • Play stops when the pitcher has the ball in the pitching area. Base-runners that have stopped forward progress go back to their bases. If forward progress is moving toward the next base then they are awarded that base.
6. Strikes:
 • Three Strikes is an Out.
 • Strike zone is one inch all around home plate.
 • An attempted kick missed or fouled is a Strike.
 • Two Strikes and a foul ball is an Out.
7. Balls:
 • Four balls outside the strike-zone is a walk.
 • A pitched ball that does not strike the ground at least two times is a ball or Unkickable ball.
8. Outs:
 • Strikeout.
 • Any kicked ball that is caught.
 • A runner touched or tag by the ball or thrown at - as long as the runner is off the base and is legal is an Out.
 • A kicker that intentionally hits the ball with their hands or arms is an Out.
 • A runner leaving the base early before the kick has been made.
 • Running outside the baseline.
 • Missing a base.

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